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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

 I'm open for ArtTrades and collabs and request~ 
so this will just be for Art trades,collabs and requests ;) (Wink) and if i'm in a even happyer mood i will open free commissions ohhhh i have some explines on a different jourmal entry which i will link to you when you comment~

so of course there will only be 10 spots opens for Art trades and Collabs only 5 spots will be open for request~ ok~ 

Plain Gray Art Trade Button by neripixu -10 spots open- 

  Plain Gray Collabs Button by neripixu -9 spots open- (now this collab is abit different either i do the line art and you color or the other way around to make it funner that way~ let me know when you ask for a collab alright) 
1.Taken by :iconharihyon: (my part) -rough sketch-  Progress Bar 0% by xAliLovex-Resources

Plain Gray Requests Button by neripixu - 1 slopts open- 
1.Taken by :iconchino-spike:  Blue Nebula Progress Bar 100% by xAliLovex-Resources
2.Taken by :iconmisunderstood-wolf:  Blue Nebula Progress Bar 100% by xAliLovex-Resources
3.Taken by :iconillbecomeyourheroine:(4)  Progress Bar 0% by xAliLovex-Resources
4.Taken by :iconisadamu:  Blue Nebula Progress Bar 25% by xAliLovex-Resources
5.Taken by :iconmimichio:  Blue Nebula Progress Bar 100% by xAliLovex-Resources

1.i don't draw Hentai or Nudes so don't ask for one alright~ 
2.I DON'T ACCEPT WRITTEN REFERENCES! i need a full colored reference if possible but uncolored or half pics of your oc (s) is fine (has long as you give me the colors of your oc (s) like skin,eye,hair and clothes colors) and chibis are alright as long they're full body and clear.
3.It's alright to link your friends oc(s) as a surprise but you need to mention who they belong to
4. won't offer any unwatermarked versions of the requests.
5.All in all have fun letting me pickin your ocs for me to draw~ 
6.i'm willing to draw any type of anime oc NOT just naruto oc's i do enjoying drawing naruto but it gets abit boring drawing only naruto alright guys~ 

Now to the things i can't draw c:

i can't draw

  • furries, anthros,pokemon,digimon
  • meca, electoronic stuff
  • sonic characters
  • 18+ stuff, nude
  • gore [but some bloode is alright]
  • super muscly men|women
❢ if You're interested comment below with this form filled:
• Username:
• Character(s) name:
• Category name:(fullbody,halfbody,headshot,ect)
• Reference(s):
• Perspnality(s): [3 to 5 words for each chara]
• Notes: [you can write here anything or just leave it blank]

please note it might take me awhile to finish all of the drawings so bear with me when asking of a at,collab,gift or request ok

Open intell the End of june 31st 2017 alright~

(in a other note i will be uploading my own stuff~ here is that list- 
1. Off duty clothes of my naurto next gen Oc hinako hyuga~ (both younger hinako and older hinako) -uploading soon -
2. Legend of korra Oc -rough sketches- 
3.Owair on seraph Oc -sketched- 
4.Vampire Knight Oc -sketching- 
5. Gravity falls oc -rough sketches- 
6.Diabolick lovers Oc -not started- 
7.Updated looks for my Oc's Miyu and sora -rough sketching-
8. Updated look of my fairy tail Oc -sketching-
9.Tokyo Ghoul Oc -not started- 
10.D.gray man Oc -sketching- 
11.DangonRonpa Oc -updating sketches- 
12. Fullmetal Alchemist oc -rough sketches- 
13.voltron legendary defender Female Oc(s) - re-doing line work -
14.Throw out the ages (my oc hinako age 12,14,15-16,17,19,20's and 30's and Isadamu 's oc Izuko age 12,14,15-16,17,19,20's and 30's and illbecomeyourheroine 's Oc Kinomoto age 12,14,15-16,17,19,20's and 30's) -work in the making awaiting notes- 
15.Kingdom hearts Oc (KH1 age 13,KH2 age 16 and KH3 age 18) -updating character/profile- 
16.Pokemon Oc (alola look) -rough sketches,with new profile and pokemon-
17.Star vs the force of evil Oc (star's twin sister Luna) -rough sketch-
  • Listening to: miku&luka-Deja vu
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Animal crossing: new leaf
  • Eating: noting
  • Drinking: Tea


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United States
welcome i'm hoping to make friends and starting drawing again for others so theres not much to say about myself just that i'm a LGBT supporter and one as will so i'm proud to say i'm pansexual so all you haters bet it :P lol anyways i'm a really shy girl when you meet me but once you get to know me i'm a open book and willing to talk to you about anything so don't be afraid to ask me anything alright :) but besides that i'm also 20 years old and still single hehe oh well i hope to find that one person can be my other half weather your male or female O////O hehhe i guess thats all i can say beside that fact i love anime like its my whole life hehe i also love dubstep and j-pop so i'm willing to listen to anying but rap idk why i just don't like it hehe sorry to those of you who do,will thats all i can say about myself if you like to learn more about me said me a note or a massage alright have a nice day everyone :)

If any of you guys wanna play me in pokemon X or when i get animal crossing New leaf or any other game that i will list once i get it here is my friend code

FRIEND CODE: 5043-4195-2445 (please send me a note of yours so i can add you back alrighy)

Mercury Bubbles Blast By Surlaluna by KazenoShun

All artist i look up to or i have befriend

Artist i look up to-


:iconisadamu: - As Buttercup

:iconillbecomeyourheroine: - As Blossom

:iconblueskys33: - As Bubbles



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